Allen, Miller & Greene, LLC is a (B2B) Business to Business Commercial Collection Agency in Houston ,Texas with over 31 years experience. Presently servicing both Domestic and International customers. Registered with Dun and Bradstreet.  Licensed, insured and bonded.
As a commerical debt collection agency, we know the critical importance of each collection campaign to your overall success as a business. When your company carries the burden of your debtors because of their refusal or inability to pay, you are affected negatively and your day-to-day operations suffer. This is why we handle your collection issues with high urgency. 

No collection, no fee!
What better incentive is there for us to work hard for you?  We don’t get paid unless you do.

Integrity Matters
We offer a unique accounts receivable management service that caters to B2B customers.  Above all, we are extremely professional and diplomatic.  AMG understands that collecting money involves extensive knowledge of the commercial collection industry coupled with the ability to persuade your debtors to pay. We offer great rates and fantastic results!